Fireweed LeafFireweed Landscape

FireweedEpilobium angustifolium

General: Perennial from spreading roots often found in large patches. Thick, stiff, leafy stems with bright pinky-purple spikes of flowers, blooming from the bottom of the spike first.

Leaves: Alternate, long and linear, tapering at the tip and the base. Veins underneath have a ladder-like appearance with a vein on each leaf edge running parallel to the mid-vein and veins resembling rungs running perpendicular in between the mid-vein and the edges.

Flowers: Many 4-petalled, purplish-pink flowers in a large spike at the end of the stem.

Fruits:  Finger-length, skinny pods that split lengthwise to release white tufts of hair and seed.

Reclamation Notes: Lots of potential in reclamation, volunteer plant that seems to do well naturally on disturbed sites (roadsides, fire, cutblocks etc.). Some handling difficulty reported due to the small seed but appears to be competitive particularly in the early stages of succession. Highly palatable to wildlife and livestock.

Fireweed Flower         Firweed Seed




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