American Vetch

American VetchAmerican Vetch Landscape

American VetchVicia americana

General: Wispy perennial, trailing or climbing over adjacent plants, often found growing in a big tangle.

Leaves: Alternate, made up of several tiny cigar-shaped leaflets arrange opposite to one another, ending in a curly tendril. Each leaf is bracted by a small, pointy rudimentary leaf (stipule) where it comes off the stem.

Flowers: Typical pea family flower, about the size of a paper-clip, tubular, purplish and asymmetrical in groups of 3-9 at the end of the stems.

Fruits: Flat, hairless pea-pods.

Reclamation Notes: Legume, capable of N-fixation. Typically propagated through seed, commonly available through native seed producers. Palatable to wildlife and livestock.

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