BunchberryBunchberry Landscape

Bunchberry – Cornus canadensis

General: Small, low growing forb that spreads from rhizomes (underground stems) forming large groups of individuals on the forest floor.

Leaves: I
n a whorl around the stem, deeply veined, oval leaves with pointed tips, egg-sized or smaller.

Flowers: Appear to have a solitary white flower with 4 petals but are actually a cluster of small greenish-white flowers in the centre of 4 white petal-like bracts.

Fruits: Cluster of bright red juicy drupes (berries containing a stone) on top of the whorled leaves. Fruit is edible but not very tasty.

Reclamation Notes: Could be a good ground-cover plant but propagation from seed appears to be complex and establishment is slow. The seed first needs to be separated from the flesh of the berries and then they require a warm-moist stratification followed by a cold-moist stratification. www.plant-materials.nrcs.usda.gov/pubs/orpmcmt9818.pdf


Bunchberry Flower         Bunchberry




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