Creamy Peavine

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Creamy PeavineLathyrus ochroleucus

General: Perennial with creeping rhizomes (underground stems), climbing other plants or trailing. Found in open forests and clearings.

Leaves: Alternate with egg-shaped to round, opposite leaflets roughly the size of a thumb print. Leaves are bracted at the base by wide, oval shaped rudimentary leaves (stipules) and end in curly tendrils.

Flowers: Asymmetrical, creamy-white tubular flowers, typical of the pea family in groups at the end of the stem. Flowers are roughly the size of a paper clip.

Fruit: Hairless pea-pods.

Reclamation Notes: Legume capable of N-fixation and therefore can withstand low-nitrogen soils. Early colonizer on forested soils recovering from heavy grazing disturbance. Some success with transplants reported in Utah, however seed may have a lengthy dormancy period prior to germination. Highly palatable to wildlife and livestock.

Creamy Peavine Flower         Creamy Peavine Pod




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