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Saskatoon – Amelanchier alnifolia

General: shrub or grows up to small tree height, thicket forming and often found on slopes above rivers and streams. Young bark is reddish, becoming grey with age. This shrub is often heavily browsed by wildlife.

Leaves: green ovals with wide, sharp teeth on the top half of the leaf and prominent veins. Leaves are roughly the size and shape of an average thumbprint (maybe a little wider).

Flowers: narrow white petals, found in cylindrical clusters on leafy stems.

Fruits: pea sized, round berries. pink to dark purplish-blue often with a greyish film. Delicious.

Reclamation Notes: Naturally found on slopes above streambanks. Seems to prefer well-drained, coarse-textured soils. Good drought tolerance. May be useful in stabilizing erodible soils due to it’s thicket-forming habit. Spreads by stolons (horizontal shoot growing above ground). Easily propagated by seeds or suckers.


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