Wolf Willow

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Wolf Willow – Elaeagnus commutata

General: Entire plant is silvery-grey green with rusty brown scales on twigs. Can be short and low growing or as tall as a small tree. Usually grows in a thicket, spreading from underground stems.

Leaves: Silver ovals with smooth edges, roughly the size and shape of a thumbprint.

Flowers: Clusters of yellow, funnel-shaped flowers.

Fruit: pea-sized, round silver berries.

Reclamation: Naturally found on open slopes above streambanks or on disturbed areas in open meadows. Prefers coarse textured (sandy) soils. Thicket forming, spreading through underground stems (rhizomes). Capable of nitrogen fixation, Wolf Willow is able to grow on nitrogen deficient soils. Good for soil stabilization.

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