Raspberry BushRaspberry Landscape

Raspberry – Rubus idaeus

General: small to medium sized shrub, usually found in moist, shaded, nutrient rich areas. Prickly, reddish stems, often with shredding bark.

Leaves: in groups of 3-5 teardrop shaped leaflets. Wide, sharp teeth on the edges. Darker green above, whiteish-green below.

Flowers: drooping in small clusters or single. White petals, sepals appear peeled back.

Fruit: Delicious, red raspberries, about the size of a penny.

Reclamation Notes: Naturally found in thickets, in open forests in rich moist, low-lying areas and in disturbed areas such as recent cutblocks. Establishment has been successful by root and stem cuttings and transplants.       

Raspberry Flower         Raspberry




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