Bracted Honeysuckle

Bracted Honeysuckle BarkBracted Honeysuckle Landscape

Bracted Honeysuckle – Lonicera involucrata

General: Medium-sized shrub, shredded greyish brown bark. Stems (particularly new growth) are four sided.

Leaves: Alternate, roughly oval shaped, thick with smooth edges, prominant veins and pointy tips.

Flowers: Pairs of yellow, tubular flowers cupped by a leaf-like bract.

Fruit: Pairs of blackish berries.

Reclamation Notes: Naturally found on nutrient-rich, wet sites on river floodplains and seepage areas. Commonly found together with Balsam poplar, red osier dogwood and willow.        

Bracted Honeysuckle Flower         Bracted Honeysuckle Berries




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