Green Alder

Green AlderGreen Alder Landscape

Green Alder – Alnus crispa

General: Large shrub with many stems originating from the base. Smooth, dark grey bark with brown-grey blemishes.

Leaves: Oval-shaped with many small teeth on the edges and a pointy tip. Upper surface is somewhat wrinkled with prominant veins, usually shiny on top and slightly hairy below.

Flowers: Drooping catkins that appear with the leaves in spring. Female catkins look like tiny cones, about the size of a mini Easter egg. Male catkins are long, droopy cylinders.

Fruits: Seeds in the female cones.

Reclamation Notes: Naturally found in open forests, usually on slopes and sand hills. Commonly found on coarse-textured soils and is often is an indication of seepage. Is also found on the perimeter of wet areas. Capable of nitrogen fixation and can therefore tolerate nitrogen deficient soils. More common in the Lower Foothills natural subregion.


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