Red Osier Dogwood

Red Osier Dogwood BarkRed Osier Dogwood Landscape

Red Osier Dogwood – Cornus stolonifera

General: large shrub, often reaching the height of a small tree. Commonly found beside rivers on moist, rich sites. Often growing in the understory of a Balsam Poplar dominated forest. Red bark and opposite stems.

Leaves: opposite, deeply veined, broad leaves with pointed tips and smooth edges.

Flowers: umbrella-shaped cluster of tiny white flowers.

Fruit: an umbrella-like cluster of white berries.

Reclamation Notes: requires a nutrient rich, moist site and can withstand seasonal flooding. Roots provide great streambank holding protection. Very palatable shrub to wildlife. Documented success growing from seed in the greenhouse, planting rooted cuttings and nursery grown seedlings.  Cuttings also root easily without treatment and can be directly planted provided sites have sufficient moisture and nutrients. Red Osier Dogwood is relatively easy to establish and grows rapidly.


Red Osier Dogwood Flowers         Red Osier Dogwood Berrries




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