Beaked Hazelnut

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Beaked HazelnutCorylus cornuta

General: medium sized shrub with grey to light brown bark that curls up in a grid-type pattern, reminiscent of ‘Shreddies’ cereal. Buds have long white hairs. Thicket forming.

Leaves: alternate with pointy double-teeth on the edges and a pointy tip. Hairy and pale green below, darker green on top. Leaves turn yellow in the fall.

Flowers: in catkins, appearing before the leaves in early spring.

Fruits: edible nuts found in 2s or 3s at the ends of twigs. The nuts are inside a prickly cover that wraps tightly around the nut and then flares out at the end, resembling a hard-candy wrapper. Wear gloves to pick hazelnuts.

Reclamation Notes: found naturally on coarse textured soils (sands and sandy loams) and on slopes. Prefers open canopy forests, warmer aspects, medium moisture to slightly drier sights. Seed is reportedly only viable for one to two years, therefore probably not a component of the seed bank if the topsoil is piled for longer than two years. 


Beaked Hazelnut Catkin         Beaked Hazelnut




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