Prickly Rose

Prickly Rose ThornsPrickly Rose Landscape

Prickly RoseRosa acicularis

General: Medium-sized shrub with many bristles and thorns on the stems.

Leaves: made up of odd numbers of leaflets (3, 5, 7, or 9) always with one leaflet on the end. Leaflets have pointy double-teeth.

Flowers: appear in May to July, have five pink petals and yellow centers.

Fruits: rose hips are round, smooth red fruit that remain on the plant through the winter.

Reclamation Notes: Official flower of Alberta. Rose hips and petals are edible. Naturally reproduces by seed or by rhizomes (underground stems). Seeds take 2 years to germinate. The fruit and seeds mature in the first year, warm stratify in the next growing season and cold stratify the following winter, germinating in the spring after snow melt (Watson et. al. 1980)


Prickly Rose         Prickly Rose Hip




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