Black Spruce-Birch-labrador tea

Black Spruce - Birch - Labrador Tea - Moss

Black Spruce-Birch-labrador tea

Found on imperfectly to very poorly drained, nutrient poor sites, in level to low landscape positions and depressions. Usually found on glacial lake bed (fine textured clay materials) and on organic (peat) soils with some level of acidity.



Black Spruce

Paper Birch

Labrador Tea


Peat Moss


Reclamation Challenges

  • Sites are often padded with clay during well site construction. Some controversy surrounding the value of clay pad removal and/or impeded drainage, change in plant community type if the pad is left in place.
  • Poor nutrients
  • High Compaction Risk
  • Cold Soils – slow regrowth




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