White Spruce-horsetail

White Spruce-horsetail 

White Spruce-horsetail

Found on very moist, very rich sites, in depressions and/or on river terraces that are occasionally flooded and enriched with new mineral deposits. A climax community that in the absence of disturbance, results from the succession of a Balsam poplar-red osier dogwood community to a Balsam poplar – White Spruce Mixedwood community, and eventually to a White Spruce-horsetail community type. Usually found in the lower slope to depressional landscape positions and on fine textured (clay) soils.



White Spruce

Balsam Poplar

Red Osier Dogwood

Bracted Honeysuckle


Green Alder


Cow Parsnip

Wild Sarsaparilla

Tall Lungwort



Reclamation Challenges

  • High Vegetation Competition
  • High Compaction Risk
  • Cold Soils – slow regrowth


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