Black Spruce

sbtreewebBlack Spruce Landscape

Black Spruce - Picea marinara

General: Large tree but doesn’t get as big or as full as White spruce. Shaped like a closed umbrella, often with a tangle of branches near the top. Twigs at the end of the branches have dark brown-grey bark and tiny hairs.

Leaves: Needles are single like White spruce but shorter, about the length of a nickle, and not as pointy. They are arranged on all sides of the twig like a round brush.

Cones: Smaller than White spruce, about the size of a mini Easter egg, but more round than egg-shaped.

Reclamation Notes: Tolerates very wet soils, can withstand flooding and is often found near standing water or in areas where the water table is very high. Seeds and seedlings are both somewhat available but Black Spruce is not commonly used in reclamation in Alberta as it is not considered a merchantable species. It is more commonly planted in Eastern Canada.

Black Spruce Needle          Black Spruce Landscape



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