Paper Birch

bwtreewebPaper Birch in Fall

Paper Birch - Betula papyrifera

General: Small to medium tree, papery white to copper bark that peels off in strips. Young bark is purple-brown with light brown dots. Can appear as a solitary tree or often in clumps with multiple trees growing tightly together from what looks like the same base. In the fall with the leaves off, the branches of the birch tree are very noticeably red.

Leaves: Egg shaped with a pointy tip, sharp teeth along the edges, green above and slightly lighter green below.

Flowers: Catkins appear before leaves in spring.

Reclamation Notes: Shallow rooted and often found together with Black Spruce in very wet sites. Can tolerate areas where the water table is high. In flooded areas, commonly seen with the tops snapped off, and partial standing stems remaining. Considered premium firewood, birch wood has many uses including furniture, cabinetry, and flooring. The bark itself is also used for many things including it's namesake, paper.

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