White Spruce


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White Spruce - Picea glauca

General: Large tree with a triangular shape like an upside down ice cream cone. White spruce has a pointed crown (Pine is more rounded). Branches are angled slightly up and away from the trunk. Twigs at the end of the branches have smooth yellow bark with no hairs. Bark is rough and grey to grey-brown.

Leaves: Stiff, pointy blue-green needles about as long as a quarter, that are arranged singly all around the twig, which has an overally appearance similar to a round brush.

Cones: About the size of a chicken egg, light brown with a papery feel, they hang down from the branches.

Reclamation Notes: White spruce grows on many different soil types but will grow best in well-drained, moist, silty loam and clay soils. It can withstand some flooding during the growing season but will grow poorly on sites with a high water table or sandy soils. White spruce does not like saline soils. Seedlings are shade-tolerant and establishment is most successful on mineral soil. Can be grown from seed but is most commonly planted in seedling form.

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