Forest Plant Communities

Boreal Landscape Diagram

Above is a simplified landscape diagram of generally where different plant communities (or assemblages of plants) can be found in the landscape. A landscape diagram is not meant to be a hard and fast rule, rather an indication of the patterns that one sees repeated in the landscape. The above is applicable to the Dry Mixedwood and Central Mixedwood natural subregions in the Boreal Forest natural region of Alberta. The only significant differences we notice in the Central Mixedwood are that it is slightly cooler and wetter than the Dry Mixedwood and therefore, Balsam Poplar can be found on the more well-drained, medium slope positions (occupied by Aspen communities in the Dry Mixedwood) as well as on the lower slope positions. The Central Mixedwood also has a larger variety of wetland communities and a stonger conifer presence.

Plant Community Descriptions


Aspen-low bush cranberry

White Spruce-moss

Balsam poplar-red osier dogwood

White Spruce-horsetail

Black spruce-Birch-labrador tea

Willow-Marsh Reed Grass





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