Our Director:

Luke Hincz is a former Forest Officer with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development and a Registered Professional Forest Technologist specializing in reclamation. Following several years as a Forest Officer in northwest Alberta, and with a desire to put his skills and knowledge to work more directly on the landscape, Luke founded STIPA. Luke's qualifications include expertise in land management, regulatory data systems and compliance enforcement.


STIPA prides itself on minimizing costs to our clients by conducting exhaustive desktop reviews of both public and private data management systems before ever turning a wheel. The value of our specialized file assessment skills cannot be overstated as we routinely save clients thousands of dollars by preventing unnecessary work.

STIPA believes the key to successful reclamation lies in having qualified, professional staff conducting all work. We have deliberately chosen to remain a small business to ensure the highest possible quality control for our clients. STIPA currently manages a portfolio of 200+ wellsites, associated facilities and gravel pits through the reclamation process.


Where to Start

Contact us by phone (780.933.0652) or by e-mail by clicking on the "Contact Us" button on the right side of the page. Provide us with a copy of the surface and well file and we can manage the site right through to certification.

Alternatively, if you only require assistance with certain key elements in the process we can also accommodate you.


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