Star-flowered Solomon's Seal

Star-Flowered Solomon's Seal PlantStar-Flowered Solomon's Seal Landscape

Star-Flowered False Solomon’s Seal Smilacina stellata


General: Perennial, spreading through extensive rhizome (underground stem) systems. Long, broad leaves travel up the individual erect stems in an offset V-type pattern, topped off with tiny white, star shaped flowers. Found in open forests, riverbanks, lakeshores


Leaves: Alternate, broad and clasping at the base, prominently veined, narrowing to a point at the tip.

Flowers: Several small, white star-like flowers in a spike at the stem tip.


Fruit: Greenish white berries with 6 purplish stripes turning into dark reddish black when ripe.


Reclamation Notes: This plant seems to be a later successional species and appears to like growing in lightly shady spots (forested understory) so may not be suitable for early reclamation. The seed can be slow to germinate but success has been had with planting large divisions in the spring and fall.

Star-Flowered Solomon's Seal Flower         Star-Flowered Solomon's Seal Fruit




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