CattailCattail Landscape

Cattails – Typha latifolia

General: Tall grass-like perennial, with a single flower stalk resembling a dark brown weiner on a stick, growing in the water. Found in large colonies on the margins of lakes, wetlands and in ditches.

Leaves: Long, thin leaves resembling giant blades of grass, alternately wrapped around the flowering stalk.

Flowers: Hundreds in the brown hot dog shape at the tip of the stalk. The orange-ish, finger-like projection on top of the hot dog contains the male flowers which disappear early and the rest of the brown spike contains the female flowers.

Fruits: Hundreds of small, dry, nut-like fruit (achenes) with long hairs at the base which are reportedly viable for 100 years. Cattails will naturally reappear in low areas that have dried out when enough moisture returns.

Reclamation Notes: Extensive root systems, excellent riparian stabilization and water filtration capabilities. Cattails trap sediment and remove nutrients, improving water quality. Cattails are reportedly easily propagated by both seed and by division.

Cattail         Cattail




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