Cow Parsnip

Cow ParsnipCow Parsnip Landscape

Cow ParsnipHeracleum lanatum

General: Tall, thick, hairy perennial with very wide, maple-type leaves mostly on the bottom half and a dinner-plate sized, flat-topped white cluster of flowers on a long hollow stem elevated above the foliage. Found in wet, rich areas.

Leaves: Very large (a foot across), maple-like, composed of 3 main leaflets with large, broad teeth. Very hairy when young, leaves winged where they come off the stem.

Flowers: Many dime-sized white flowers in a large flat-topped cluster at the stem tip, elevated well above the leaves. A few small clusters surround the main head.

Fruits: Egg to heart-shaped, flat, winged seeds.

Reclamation Notes: Reportedly propagated by seed in spring or fall. Palatable to wildlife, commonly seen with the flower heads removed.

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