STIPA Environmental Consultants


STIPA is your one-stop land reclamation resource for upstream oil and gas in Northwestern Alberta.



Stipa is returning money to Oil and Gas producers in tough economic times.
We offer liability and rental reduction assessment and services at a fraction of the price of industry competitors.
Did you know that if you cancel (apply for no entry)  you can eliminate the rental payments.
We have been doing this with a 98% success rate for a major client for the last 2yrs.

Ask yourself: 

Do you have locations that were surveyed and never constructed? 

Do you actually know all the dispositions you own and can cancel? 

Do you know all your built not drilled locations that could be potential reclamation certificate candidates?


If saving money now appeals to you contact us to discuss how this service works.

We currently have openings for only a few more clients don't delay!


Why Hire STIPA?

We believe in doing things right the first time.

We believe in exceeding expectations and employ industry leading practices to reduce the environmental liabilities of our clients.

We pride ourselves on minimizing costs for our clients through our comprehensive review of all government and industry data management systems.


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